Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jesus And Logic

The Agora is in the process of developing a training course that teaches logical thinking and how to detect baloneys by using the Jesus' example in the Gospels.

If you have any examples of Jesus employing logical forms in his teachings, please share with us. :)

Bernard Ramm makes a striking observation on Christ's appeal to logic:

"With reference to logical forms our Lord used analogy, Luke 11:13; reductio ad absurdum, Matthew 12:26; excluded middle, Matthew 12:30; a fortiori, Matt 12:1-8; implication, Matthew 12:28; and law of non-contradiction, Luke 6:39"

The Pattern of Authority, Eerdmans, 1957, page 51


jedibaba said...

I think this is an interesting exercise. But if our idea is to represent Christ on campus we must watch out for reductionism.
Jesus pointed out logical fallacies often by asking questions in return. But He also told stories, fed the hungry and healed the sick. He also spent a lot of time discipling a few.
Let us aim at Jesus's total programme.
We should anaylyse Jesus's audiences. He often chose communication methods for specific audiences for specific purposes.

Anonymous said...

Well said jedibaba, this is my greatest concern for the cf in my alma mater for now - lots of cracks beneath we do not see in our quest to be intellectual.


The Hedonese said...

Great thots, there! Thanks, mentoring leaders is something we should consider more abt.

I have a 'broader' training course, for communicating with different audience types, how to ask the right questions, the type of crisp, informed and winsome ambassadors our colleges need today

It's called "ambassador for christ"
which runs for 3-4 classes. That would be a more wholistic, development thingy.

For this home-made "Baloney Detector" session, the requirement from the students seems to be a once-off, 2-session thing so we'd probably have to be more focused.

i.e. how to we equip people to analyse and evaluate the stuffs they read in textbooks, TV shows, newspaper reports? :)

It's amazing how I got thru college without learning how to do this?! Heheh...

johnsee said...

Really agree with jedibaba on this. Too often, we do a Turing reduction, reducing human logic to machine logic. I think Jesus borders what I call an NP-problem. It's never easy to look in logical terms of what he said, what he did or what he didn't do and etc. Can't help that comp science rant! Hehe.

There ought to be a more holistic approach in quest "to be intellectual" and not "for intellectualism" (both which I think are different things). Of course, even in the pursue of that, there's always two ends of the string to pull together, balance.

Remember, head+heart+hands?

knowhy said...

An article by Dallas Willard entitled 'Jesus the Logician'.

The Hedonese said...

Excellent article written by spirituality/marketplace guru Dallas Willard, knowhy! :)

ur nickname sounds familiar, do we know each other? Let me buy u a drink to thank you for that great resource which sums up everything wholistically. The challenge now is how to pack this up in a language laypeople can appreciate and grasp and be inspired :D

knowhy said...

I know you as discordant dude's uncle.

Been to CDPC once for the 'knowing God's will' talk. We might've met then, or maybe even earlier.

And yes, i wouldn't mind free drink sometime. :)

Have a Blessed Easter!