Friday, March 17, 2006

Alexa's blog is now up

A review on The Challenge of Jesus
Too often we have been guilty of interpreting our social responsibilities in terms only of helping the casualties of our deteriorating society but do not see the need to change the structures which cause the casualties. Just as doctors are not only concerned with treating a patient but also with providing preventive measures, we should also involve ourselves with preventive social medicine


Alexa Ho said...

i'm still very new to this blogging thing. I tend to think and talk things out, rather than writing them. I hope to write more in the future. So, my assignments will do for now. Just wrote a paper on Trinity, and Isaiah 61. Will post it soon..

I also hope to be more involved with Agora. Not sure how i fit in. I'm not as young as some of you, and not as matured as the thinking of the older folks. You guys are so seasoned! Oh's a joy to learn from you, and be among people who are responsibly working out their faith. "Oh i's not just a leap in the dark" ;)

jacksons said...

Alexa, please don't get me started on the 'leap in the dark' thingy.

karenwie said...

i like the nt wright article but... wats with the footnotes???