Thursday, February 02, 2006

Vantage Point

Introducing VantagePoint, an online publication which features views and news from Eagles Communications (Singapore's answer to Kairos?) with a desire to pursue truth and encourage Christian thinking on issues of life, faith, and ministry in our modern and complex society.

There are different sections catering to different needs. Here is how their website describe it...

Directions section is by our Founder-President Peter Chao. VantagePoint is the voice of the leadership of Eagles Communications and Directions provides Peter's views on issues of life and ministry.

Pathways highlights situations and thoughts on discipleship. Crossroads focuses on evangelism in society and the marketplace and Leading Edge is our take on leadership trends and ideas.

Connections deals with questions pertaining to mediation and counseling. Last but not least, In-Sight features movie and book reviews relevant to the theme of each issue.

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