Monday, February 06, 2006


Objectives of Forum
To explore the significance of classical Christian doctrines (exemplified in the creeds of the Early Church and the Reformation) for contemporary society, with special emphasis on Concept of God and Christology.

To equip Christians with tools of philosophical and cultural analysis so that they can conduct effective apologetics in a pluralistic society.

Pre-registration and Time
Knowledge of basic Christian doctrines is assumed. Expect hard work in thinking through issues.

Participants MUST pre-register since we have limited space and need to prepare enough hand-outs. You may call Kairos office (77265420) or email to to confirm your place.

Time – 8.30 pm. First Monday evening on each month. First Meeting on 6 March 2006.
Place – Kairos Research Centre

The Forum will concentrate on the Christian concept of God for the year 2006. It will be supplemented by a course on the Doctrine of God which will be offered sometime middle of 2006

The first few sessions will focus on the nature of religious language and truth claims, and reasoning and rhetoric in religion.

Emphasis is on an analytical approach to Christian truth claims, e.g. explaining attributes of God, the nature of the Trinity and the Incarnation and testing the coherence of these concepts.

Reference Books
John Frame. The Doctrine of Knowledge of God. Presb & Reformed 1987.
The Doctrine of God. Presb & Reformed 2002.
J. P. Moreland & W. L. Craig. Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview. IVP 2002.
T. V. Morris. Our Idea of God. IVP 1997.
J.N.D. Kelly. Early Christian Doctrine. HarperSanFrancisco, 1978.

The following books are recommended for prior reading:
Bruce Milne. Know the Truth. IVP 1982. Read pp. 1-175.
Millard Erickson. Christian Theology. Baker 1998.

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