Saturday, September 10, 2005

Science: Study of Creation

A teaser for Leon's coming workshop on "God and Science", which Christians who love the sciences should not miss. Welcome to our 'living room'!

Date: 18 September 2005 (Sunday)
Time: 1.30 pm
Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church ( Location Map )

Title: Can we be Christians and love Science?

Part 1: Defining Science
*Biblical mandate - Gen 1:28-31 understanding and using God's world
*Science = Asking questions and finding answers, gathers knowledge of the creation, uses it to accomplish desired ends (technology)

Part 2: History of the relationship between Science and Religion
*Universal reality of religion - explaining the unexplained
*Physics and Metaphysics
*Induction vs. deduction
*Francis Bacon and the Scientific revolution
*the Galileo Incident - was Christianity to blame?
*Aquinas & Kant's discussion on Science and Religion
*Superstition permeates religion and is the convenient answer to the unknown
*Science = General revelation, the Bible = Special revelation
* Examples of the disaster of not being able to distinguish the rightful domains of science and religion

Part 3: Application
*Hermeneutics and Science – working together and meeting at the top
*Life is wholesome – Science & Metaphysical issues answered and being learnt
* The Christian should be the best Scientist of all
* Case study : Young earth vs old earth – how do we respond given all that we have learned


jerng said...

ER... why all the scientists and philosophers in your seminar so old one? Most of current scientific practice is predicated upon 19/20th century philosophy of science, spun off by chaps with names such as Popper, and Kuhn.

Add my blog to your list of related sites if you care to. I'm a cynic, the guy who sits in the agora and tells people that they're generally a bunch of idiots.

The Hedonese said...

:) Hi Cynic! Nice to have you as a 'conversation partner' this Sunday...

Hint: Only serious philosophers are dealt with in the Agora, hehe

One of our objectives is to reach out to the common folks, (they are much more 'streetwise' than 'bookwise' philosophers...) all they need is some tools with which they integrate faith with vocation, then they'd do better than us, bookworms ar... hehehe