Monday, September 26, 2005

Is there a conflict between Science and Religion?

I was given the privileged recently to speak on Science in an Agora organized meeting in CDPC, and this is what I presented;

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Please do a review for me, and get back to me with your challenges, critique, etc.


Leon Keith Jackson


The Hedonese said...

Wow, the link looks fantastic!

May more science students purpose in their hearts to consider science as their vocation...

jacksons said...

I think that the Christianity’s participation in Science is very crucial today, as Science is fuelling our knowledge base – that in turn churns out technology, and a Scientism framework lacks the moral underpinnings to deal with technology. The question you rarely here today is “just because we can do this, should we?”. Only a sound biblical worldview that allows the two to coexist peacefully can prevent a wicked tragedy like what was portrayed in the Island from becoming a reality. I worry when we in the church embrace a pseudo science that isolates us from those who really know the facts and truth or a super science that bends and mends the Bible to fit their current reconciliation agenda.

Anonymous said...

Was very encouraged by ur blog. It seems to be what the Christian church needs at the moment - reason based on the Bible. There's far too many people who call themselves Christian without really understanding what it means

jacksons said...

Thanks bro/sis. Hope we can be a blessing an a supportive community for you - virtual or real life.

jacksons said...

Join the conversation after this presentation @ Dave's blog, URL: