Thursday, July 28, 2005

Unlocking Da Vinci Code

The Event/Book/Movie Everyone Is Talking About...

The Da Vinci Code Forum

Date: 20 August 2005 (Saturday)
Time: 8 pm
Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church ( Location Map )

Panelists: Dr Ng Kam Weng ( Kairos Research Director)
Ps Wong Fong Yang ( CDPC Senior Pastor)
Dave (Fellow of The Agora Seminar?)

Some Clues: Dan Brown's novel has taken the world by storm! Not only is it an
intriquing page-turner, it also made some controversial claims!

All Fans Are Invited to Explore The Fact or Fiction Behind the

Who are the Gnostics? Who was Mary Magdalene? Is there a
conspiracy theory to cover up the truth?

Will the real Jesus please stand up?

Come with your friends and find out more! There will be time for
Questions and Answers...


Anonymous said...

Hi dave, Just to let ya know that my frens and i wud be there... :D

Your Anglican Friend

Anonymous said...

Master hedonese,

I got a wedding dinner to attend lah. Aiyah else I would have pegi.

Any chance your church will be filming this session ah? If yes then I can pinjam the CD later.


The Hedonese said...

Master Spooky Jedi,

Our brother Wee Lee will do his best to record the event :)