Monday, July 25, 2005

Science & God


Can a man of science believe in God and can a woman of faith rely on the sciences?
The easy answer to both questions is obviously yes, if only because they already exist.

Our topic today is not whether it is possible but why it is reasonable. More importantly we shall discuss why a Christian worldview makes for a better scientist and scientific (rather than scientistic) approach to the Bible makes for a wiser Christian.

We shall consider how an atheist scientist may be disadvantaged when compared to a believing scientist and how a person of faith who understands the wonderful gift of God we call science can enrich our understanding of God in ways that is otherwise not possible. One example is that science gives us the insight to realize that the Bible never claimed that the earth is flat. We did not need Col. Yuri Gagarin to tell us that he saw a round earth in space. On the other hand, it was Louis Pasteur's conviction that all things were created by god that led him to look for what we now call microbes, making milk safe to drink and curing all manner of ills.

Programme: Three segments
• 5 August 2005 – 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm
• 6 August 2005 – 10.30 am to 12.00 am & 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm

Community Baptist Church, PJ
107 &109A, Jalan SS2/6, 47300 Petaling Jaya


Rev Ron Choong is an ordained minister from Malaysia and founding director of ACT. He read law, the sciences, international politics, the humanities and Christian theology at institutions in Malaysia, Great Britain and the United States. An evangelist in New York City since 1990, he serves a summer teaching ministry in Asia. Ron holds the BA, LLB Hons, MDiv, ThM, and STM degrees from Open, London and Yale Universities as well as Princeton Theological Seminary, where he is completing his PhD in philosophy of science and theology. His current research includes the emergence of human religious cognition & the implications of the doctrine of the imago Dei for philosophy and the natural sciences. He is married to, and fully aided and abetted by Lingmei, a clothing designer.

The Academy for Christian Thought (ACT) is a research and educational initiative founded by Ron Choong as a resource facility for the Christian Church. Its mission is to offer a responsible account of Christian belief in a scientific and pluralist world. This enables a response to the call of the Great Commission to disciple all nations. It also equips the church for effective and responsible apologetic witness in the marketplace of ideas. In response to the call of the Great Commission to disciple all nations, we encourage a transformation of the mind, to know Christ and make Him known. We seek to bridge the gaps between the academy, the workplace, and the church, by articulating a comprehensive Christian worldview through a five-fold ministry and equip the church by discipling the minds and hearts of a new generation of leaders.

To register, please email to call 603-80608639 for further details. The cost of seminar materials of RM20.00

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