Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stand To Reason

14 June 2005 - The Agora made a trip to the beautiful historical city of Melaka. Thanks to Julie and gang, who volunteered to be our 'guinea pigs' for our experiments with "Ambassadors For Christ" materials Han Meng bought.

Maybe I'm biased, but in comparison with dakwa' training CDs, these stuffs are head and shoulders more advanced to produce ambassadors who are accurately informed, winsome in character and wise in approach.

Here is a teaser:
"There is a fine line between protecting your children and isolating them. Isolation is not protection. Instead of isolating them from error, we should teach them the error enough to “inoculate” them against it."

(Excellent advice for students going overseas, if u ask me. Rev Wong mentioned how many children of godly leaders lost their faith abroad)

We had fun, prompting questions and discussing the lesson as a group.

Our Malaccan hosts prepared a sumptuous lunch (can't forget the fried chicken, mangoes and satay celup for dinner, yummy!)

I made a mistake by selecting the toughest syllabus "Any Old God Won't Do" after lunch... the subjects were ready to fall asleep cos' it's quite a challenging dose on pluralism. (I thought that it would be something practical they could use right away, but seems like I was too ambitious or need to tweak the materials a bit)

Later in the evening, I had the pleasure to meet a friend whom I've only met online. A bright, scientist-Carl Sagan fan with whom I had some conversation here:


Finally, we get to meet face to face and connected right away through... Star Wars! Both of us love movies so we chatted away... It was great to know him on a more personal basis, hopefully develop a friendship. We steered clear from apologetics! :)

Reached home at 1 am, after making a trip to Kajang prison :D but I felt very much alive, and feeling God's pleasure. The Force is strong in some of the Younglings, I have hope for the church yet.

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Anonymous said...

There was a request that we do a "Stand To Reason" workshop here in KL, if we can round up 5 or more interested people... we'd give it a go! :)