Sunday, January 05, 2014

Gospel. Community. Mission.

New year, new beginnings. It's timely to start afresh in 2014 reflecting on our journey so far in 2013 as well our 2014 priorities. 

Last year, we have focused on Integration of Faith/Work (regular conversations/prayers/sermons on movies, culture, politics) and Loving Families (Sacred Parenting talks and open sharing on the challenges/opportunities for Christ-like growth in families, marriages). 

This year, we are ready to tackle another aspect of our SIMPLE DNA. M stands for "Make Disciples of all peoples". Nothing fancy. Back to basics. We are called to make disciples who follow and obey Jesus, not mere converts who signed a decision card. 

Every church needs to gather together around the gospel (community), grow together in the gospel (discipleship) and go together with the gospel (mission). 

How do we get there? We need a road map and some action plans. 

1) Pastoral Care: Church is so much more than just a few hours on Sunday. We want to be an authentic community that speaks the truth in love, comforts and cares for members who suffer, help each other to grow in Christ and fight sin in our own lives. For that, we encourage every member to be part of a small Covenant group where transparency, honest feedback and mutual help is possible. We need to train every believer to apply the Gospel in our personal life, families, parenting, work and church relationships. Especially when dealing with conflicts, suffering, depression and sin. All of us are broken people in need of the gospel. It's a dangerous illusion to think that we are in control of life. 
2) Outreach: Reaching our community with the gospel. How? We discern two areas where God is at work in CDPC Puchong to connect the gospel with the wider community i.e. The Children’s Library (families, play groups, books, story telling) and the Student Ministry (fun, friendships, evangelism, Bible study). 

3) Grow Leaders: To do the above, we need to intentionally equip, mentor and provide freedom for members to grow as servant leaders who will reach out and provide spiritual care to others. 

Gospel. Community. Mission. by Dave

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