Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Books For Sale

                                  Classic Reformed doctrine of God by Herman Bavinck RM 40

Love: The Foundation of Hope (collection of essays interacting with/by Jurgen and Elisabeth Moltmann)   RM 15

The church for the future - Carpe Manana RM15 by Leonard Sweet

Bill Lane Craig vs John D Crossan on historical Jesus/resurrection RM 25

                                                 "Prophecy"? Rick Joyner's Final Quest RM 5

Sam Harris (atheist) on Free Will and predestination RM 25

                                    Intro to Old Testament Theology by JN Schofield RM 5

Spiritual formation and church, Emergent RM 15

RM 50, John Frame on epistemology

Themes in OT Theology by William Dryness RM 6

RM 50 Grant Osborne's The Hermeneutical Spiral 

Michael Denton's Evolution: A Theory in crisis RM 20

Max Turner on Holy Spirit & spiritual gifts RM 45

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