Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thinking Theologically Conference 2012: The Work of the Holy Spirit


Thinking Theologically Conference (TTC) returns this year with an exciting topic and an all new venue! Happening over the Raya break, TTC is a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for 4D3N of being equipped and fellowship with other Christians.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Some say Christians have been guilty of ignoring Him and failing to be directed by Him in life and ministry. But how does He work? Where was He in the Old Testament time? Can we explain His activity if we do not fully understand His relationship to the other persons of the Trinitarian God?

For Christians today there is still much confusion and uncertainty as seen in arguments over ‘spiritual phenomena’ like tongues-speaking and matters of guidance. Fundamentally, the question is, what is the relationship between the Christ and the Holy Spirit in Christianity? Do all Christians need to receive the Holy Spirit as a distinct experience in order to be better Christians?

All Christians will need to understand this and more, in order to know the work of God in their lives and to serve God and His church effectively. At TTC 2012, we will be working together as God's people, to learn of Him from the Bible and the theologians of the church in order to faithfully preach and minister Christ to the world.

Info & registration:

20-23 August 2012 (Raya break)

Rev. Robin Gan

Hotel Seri Malaysia, Bagan Lalang

About the Gospel Growth Fellowship

The Gospel Growth Fellowship (GGF) is a fellowship committed to glorifying God through the growth of Gospel-centred evangelical Christianity in the local church. We believe Christians should be passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:1-6) and make it central inlife, thought and ministry.

It therefore serves the local church in several ways:

1.       Building its members up in a Gospel-centred biblical literacy: faithful to the text, theologically sound and interpreted accurately in Christ.

2.       Equipping members of the local church with the skills and thinking necessary for doing Gospel-centred word ministry.

3.       Encouraging Christians to be committed to Gospel-centred service and leadership of the church.

4.       Fostering mutual support amongst fellow-workers in Christ for perseverance inGospel-centred ministry.

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