Friday, December 03, 2010

Taking Your Soul To Work (Book)

The book Alvin Ung has written, Taking Your Soul to Work, has arrived in Malaysia (it was published in US mid-November). It can be purchased at Pustaka SUFES in Petaling Jaya.

The book could serve as a reflective reading for people before they begin work in January. It can also be for people who are stressed out by work, find their jobs meaningless, or desire for something more than just working the daily grind. This book is definitely for people who desire to find God in all things, and to
grow spiritually while working.

Here is how Alvin described the book: "I began writing the book four years ago with Paul Stevens, my
professor and mentor. We share a common passion helping Christians integrate their faith and work. Paul and I saw that for many people, including myself, work is often a hindrance to spiritual growth. At
work, our prayer life suffers. We get stressed, irritable, fearful. Work draws out our dark side and sinful tendencies.

This book helps thoughtful Christians to see the workplace as an arena for spiritual growth and transformation. Since we spent most of our waking hours doing work of some kind (at home or in the office),
wouldn't be fantastic if we could see our workplace as a holy space where we can grow in godliness and discover God's loving presence in the midst of great struggle?

The book costs RM36. Each of the 30 chapters addresses 21st century challenges and dilemmas. Paul and I have provided tools to help people grow spiritually while working. We have developed a framework that helps people take ownership of their soul-sapping struggles, experience the nine-fold fruit of the Spirit, and become the people God meant us to be.
It's written in a world of Blackberries and 24-7 work culture. We also suggest practical tips for Christians to become vibrant disciples in the workplace. Although this is a book published by an American publisher for US/international readers, I am delighted and proud to say that there are many Malaysian examples (including satay) in the book. I've written about Pastor Fong Yang's mentor, Dr David Gunaratnam, a dentist, in one of the chapters.
You can check out what it looks like here:

Pastor Wong has read an advance copy. Here's what he said in a blurb:

"The Malaysian Church is big on transforming the workplace, but I think the more pressing need is that God will use the workplace to transform us first and then we become catalyst of transformation.
People need to see the gospel impacting our lives. The authors show us how God shapes us into His likeness -- especially when we experience His presence amid great challenges. With this book, all Christians can look forward to going to work."

Eugene Peterson (pastor, scholar and author of over 30 books, including The Message) has written this in our foreword:

"If you are among the growing number of Christian men and women who want to take your souls into your workplace, this is the book for you. Paul Stevens and Alvin Ung are wise guides. You can trust them. This is a major work for restoring dignity to the laity."

Here's what other theologians and business leaders have to say about the book:

"In the competitive marketplace where self and the soul are often insidiously compromised, this book comes as a good antidote to take a pit stop to process the state of our inner being. The exercises in each chapter are superbly crafted."

Dr Daniel Ho, Senior Pastor, Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC)

"Many people talk about doing things for God in the workplace, but it is easy to forget God's presence while we work. With this book, all Christians can look forward to going to work."

Wong Fong Yang, Senior Pastor, City Discipleship Presbyterian Church (CDPC)

"Amazingly simple... profoundly deep... spiritually challenging. Taking Your Soul to Work will revolutionize your thinking and transform your busy and intense work life. I have been profoundly inspired by this book."

Yaw Chun Soon, Executive Director of TA Enterprise, and Head of SIB Marketplace Ministry

"Reading this book has stirred up my thoughts on what it means to grow spiritually in the workplace when we welcome God in the centre of it all. The authors have given me a deeper insight on how to be attentive to His presence in the midst of a busy workweek."

Helen Read, Managing Director, MS READ

"The practices for daily life help us discover that it's more about God at work in us, than us trying to work it all out on our own."
Sivin Kit, pastor of Bangsara Lutheran Church, and blogs at

"A unique book ... full of deep theological insights and draws on the time-tested resources found in the Christian spiritual tradition. At the same time it is a practical workbook offering sensible answers to
the common pitfalls in the modern workplace."
Simon Chan, Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Theological College, Singapore

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