Friday, August 20, 2010

Project Timothy's The New Testament You Thought You Knew

Hello folks,

My new book is now available in both hard cover and paperback. This is the textbook for Project Timothy with live sessions in New York, San Diego, Basel and Petaling Jaya. For details, please write to

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This is Project Timothy's Guide to the New Testament. Each book of the NT is introduced according to the chronology of its publication. So we start with the Epistle of James. It covers the different genres of writing and features biblical exegesis and hermeneutics in engagement with archaeology, the sciences, philosophy and historiography. This is an ideal book for Christians and unbelievers who seek a no nonsense examination of the New Testament for the 21st century. Written by an evangelical independent scholar, the contents are not beholden to any hidden agenda or denominational requirements. The only affirmation of the author is that the Bible is an inspired writing to guide the confessional follower of Jesus, the Christ. Visit us at

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Ron Choong
Academy for Christian Thought

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