Friday, March 26, 2010

Our DNA: Who we are

CDPC Puchong is a gathering of diverse followers of Jesus who journey together towards Christ-centered worship, Scripture-based preaching and grace-enabled spirituality that overflow in service and witness to the community in Puchong and beyond.

With Christian communities worldwide, it is our hope that our lives would be transformed by the grand vision of God and be involved in His redemptive story that runs through the past, present and future

1. Centered on Jesus Christ - Being transformed in Christ, and loving our Lord

2.Centered on the Gospel of Grace - Being made holy, and sharing God's good news

3.Centered on the Living Word - Being renewed, and preaching Christ in all things

Goals: What we do

Seek and celebrate God - Glorifying God in creative, contemplative and celebratory worship. Joining the global church through the ages in heartfelt worship.

Integrate faith and work - Celebrating God's presence at home, work and rest. Empowering disciples in the marketplace.

Make disciples of all peoples- Reaching the unreached in the city and Asia. Creating spaces for conversation, reconciliation and peace.

Plant churches - Establishing a culture for growing church planters. Developing a laboratory for sharing ideas and resources.

Love the city and families - Renewing the city through social justice and stewardship. Helping children and families play and grow.

Embrace Reformed theology - Living in sync with God's rule in every sphere of life. Facilitating spiritual renewal through church governance.

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