Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Top 10 Ideas To Care For Creation!

1) A Rocha Aug Top Story on Malaysian-Singapore Conferences
Video Report by Graham McAll (Spot yourself in the shots!)

2) Your Top 10 Ideas with the Most Votes!
After the speed round of brainstorming in groups, Alvin Ung got everyone to vote
on ideas which people felt were doable, a sign of our next steps towards creation care.

Did you know this was the #2 idea?!
"Pray and give thanks every morning for Creation."

What a wonderful practice!
I invite all of us to commit to doing this together till 18 Aug (1 month after 18 Jul).

3) Downloads: Audio recordings of the talks (note: the links expire on 10 Aug)

SESSION 1 (Miranda & Peter Harris)

SESSION 2 (Dr Graham McAll) "Climate Change, Health & Faith"

4) Join the Google Group: Biblical Environmental Stewardship Malaysia

"This group is a follow-up initiative to the A Rocha Conference
on Biblical Environmental Stewardship which was held on July 18 2009 in Subang Jaya.
It's a place where we can share our hopes, dreams, questions, answers and opinions,
and hopefully discover what God may be saying to us through it."

Those who wrote on the sign-up sheet at the end of the conference, I encourage you to carry on the conversation and nurture this newfound creation care community,
specially set up for you by David Bakewell (thank you!)

Thank you CDPC, Pastor Wong Fong Yang, Alicia, Ken & Shirene, Alvin Ung & David Chong making the the first A Rocha conference in Malaysia possible. And thank you everyone for coming, and desiring to participate in God's reconciliation of His world.

Thank you and God bless!
Melissa Ong
A Rocha International

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