Thursday, March 20, 2008

Church Planting Movement

Have you heard of Tim Keller? Here's a biographical sketch

"Tim Keller's Redeemer Presbyterian (PCA) is "one of Manhattan's most vital congregations," according to Christianity Today [12/04], started a Church Planting Center in 2001, and its phone has not stopped ringing since. He is committed to the church planting movement and 'entering the culture's stories and retelling them with the gospel'." Redeemer's vision is to spread the gospel, first through ourselves and then through the city by word, deed, and community; To bring about personal changes, social healing, and cultural renewal through a movement of churches and ministries that change New York City and through it, the world. Keller promotes a Reformed Christianity that has a vision that encompasses not only doctrinal statements, but also our piety, evangelistic outreach, and missions of mercy."

Won't you like to see gospel centered, culturally engaged and socially compassionate churches like that being planted in Malaysia (and across Asia)? If that is something you feel worth living and dying for, let's get connected. Let's talk at hedonese at yahoo dot com

Check out a list of Keller's online sermons and writings here at the Reformissionary's


Anonymous said...

Check this:

Tim Keller Speaks at Google VIDEO

BK said...

Btw, there's also a substantial interview with Keller over at First Things here.

Dizma said...

Thank you, Hedonese for posting it here. :)