Thursday, April 26, 2007

Orang Asli baptism

Recently CDPC OA team witnessed baptism service conducted on orang asli. It is a very significant event especially to the OA ppl themselves. They see it as their big day as this marks a new resolution in their life to deepened their walk with the Lord.

This baptism was conducted on the river in the midst of jungle. Both young and old together came together to sing praises to Yesus. As our team sang with them, there is bond & fellowship among us. Yes indeed Yesus has unite each one of us.

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Chang said...

Puji Tuhan! Semoga saudara kita di kampung OA terus berjalan dalam terang Yesus :)

Every Square Inch said...

What a joy is evident in their faces.

May they continue to grow in the grace of God.

Thank you for sharing this with us