Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Warm Springs

As the only US president reelected 3 times, Franklin D. Roosevelt led America out of Great Depression and World War II. Little known however was his valiant fight to overcome the effects of polio - a formidable battle the world never saw.

Catch the charity Screening of the movie Warm Springs
Date: 24 Sept 2006 (this Sunday)
Time: 3-5 pm
Venue: Wisma San Chun, 2 Floor Wisma MCA
Ticket: RM 20
Contact: 03 79831842 (Shuang Fu)

""Warm Springs" deals with the life of FDR from 1920-28. Warren Harding defeated James Cox in 1920. Roosevelt was Cox's running mate, and despite the loss his political star was on the rise. The following year, Roosevelt, then 39, contracted polio, a disease that rarely struck adults. It left him with paralyzed legs and little hope for the future.

With a small glimmer of hope, he traveled to a rundown resort in rural Georgia for a possible cure from exercise in a pool filled by the warm mineral waters. There, among the rural poor and others with disabilities, in what must have seemed like a completely different universe, FDR discovered his own humanity."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks dear...... This is a good film which won some awards in US. Additionally, this event is in aid of Barrier-Free Taxi Project of ShuangFu Disabled Independent Living Association, which is to help solving the matter of transportation for the disable persons. Let's invite your friends & relatives, and church members as well to support this meaningful event!:)