Thursday, April 06, 2006

Requiem Aeternam Deo: The Madman's Song

Empty chapel or silent tomb
Great monument of heroic past?
Now enveloped in a morbid gloom
Now crowded but ruined alas

Is the altar for worship of an immortal name?
Or an eulogy of former glory
We each threw in our tiny flame
To feed the pyre for the dead Body.

The madman jumped like a madman would
Swinging his lantern as he moved
Indifferent to the sombre mood
He danced 'round the firewood

Amidst the cracking of the funeral fire
The madman's song pierced our hearts
As the fire of death burned brighter
His tune grew cold and dark:

I seek God! I seek God! I seek God!
Where is Him once dwelt hither?
We'll search, but we'll find not;
For we've killed him, you and I, murderers of murderers

Did we drink up all the ocean?And unchained the earth from its sun?
Whither now our directions?
With all life's meaning undone

The smell of the rotten holiness
The wetness of our bloody knives
They stoowith the fire as Witnesses
We killed God and he died

He sang again the last verse, more determined
Only with a worse fanatic frenzy
Before he finished the song he was singing,
He jumped into the pyre, to die with his enemy

They say we've inherited a loftier time
For our fathers had killed the holy One
Now finally freedom from the Divine
Now finally life's meaning undone


Sora said...

Was the poem written by Friedrich Nietzche by any chance (which I'm assuming that's who the picture above the poem is showing...)?

Interesting poem, and slightly scary - once you think that most people today are trying to remove God from the scene (ie evolution theory, secular politics) and yet at the same time end up destroying their purpose of living...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

:) The poem is written by someone very much inspired by Nietzche's spirit of inquiry, though not necessarily agreeing with the conclusion of his inquiries. The madman is a character from one of Nietzche's parables.


Sora said...

Oh I so sorry - if I've used the little thing called a 'brain' that God has so graciously given to me, then I've have realized that you were the poet. Sorry, my bad -_-;;

It's well written by the way ;)

Anonymous said...

Nietzsche must be rolling over in his grave. Feel free to disagree with Nietzche's philosophies, but don't undermine his work by rewriting his beliefs and placing a photo of him above your poem. Feel free to disagree with your enemies, but don't dress them in your own garments. The main character of the story is only considered a madman because he is labeled as one by his peers who were not ready for this new age of existence, much like you.

Anonymous said...

The poem contains a great deal of plagiarism from Nietzsche's so-called "madman parable," which is section 125 of The Gay Science. If you are the writer of this poem, as I suspect you are, shame be upon you for your plagiarist actions.

Anonymous said...

ahh but you miss that is is the song from the madman if you look it is called-
"Requiem Aeternam Deo: The Madman's Song"

Anonymous said...

This is not a poem! This here is Nietzsches philosophy. It is about inlightenment and that humans in search of answers have questioned god and by doing that we have killed him. And what the world will do now without a god to insure godness id what you will find out by reading his books. Happy reading:)

Anonymous said...

I read this poem in a Nietzsche book I stole from Library at 14.I still lost the book and no more libraries due to guilt. I remember finding a journal and wrote a poem about what I read. This brings me back to childhood and of course being a brat much to my shame.
I always loved Requiem Aeternam Deo.