Friday, January 13, 2006

The Christian & The Arts

Here's an early announcement for an upcoming Agora event... Please let us know in advance that you are coming so that we can prepare notes, ok? Email me at

Date: 12 March 06 (Sunday)
Time: 1.45 pm
Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church (Map available)
Presenter: Colin Kirton (Footstool Players)

Colin trained and performed in professional theatre at Rosebud School of the Arts and Rosebud Theatre in Canada. He now regularly teaches on issues pertaining to the arts and faith, directs creative projects and conducts practical theatre skills workshops towards equipping and encouraging the Malaysian church in using the creative arts as a medium for worship, teaching and evangelism. Colin also freelances in the local arts and entertainment scene as an actor, director, trainer, musician, singer, host/emcee and voiceover talent. He worships in Subang Jaya Gospel Centre.

A theology for artistry (Why the need for artistry? Is it important to God?)

- The function of the artist (The various roles an artist can play)
- A Christian worldview for artistic expression (What kind of artistic expression is acceptable/valid in God's eyes? Does our artistic expression always have to be about our faith for God to accept it?)
- The Bible and the arts (A survey of the whole Bible as a case-study to see God's perspective on artistic expression and to draw principles for our own artistic expression)

This workshop is targeted at older teens and adults.

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Heman said...

Great topic! Wish it could be held in Singapore...