Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Living Room

Rev Wong and Dave will be in the hot seats of the Living Room, a young adult ministry in SIB that addresses marketplace issues... So far, the ministry dealt with gender issues, reverse-culture shock etc.

The Topic: Da Vinci Code forum
Date: Nov 11 (Friday)

Please pray for us... Ian, the energetic end-time financial consultant, reminds me of Larry King :) and hilarious as David Letterman could be... hehehe... Suspect it would be fun.

But more importantly, i hope it's informative and prepare Christians to engage culture in an intelligent, calm and sensible manner.

Movies can work for us (Narnia) or against us (Da Vinci Code).

La Shawn Barber was right on the money when she wrote:

"Unbelievers (and not a few Christians) may scoff at us for taking The Da Vinci Code phenomenon so seriously. But pop culture is powerful, and although we surely have more productive things to do, setting the record straight and offering a reasoned defense of the faith and correcting historical inaccuracies are also important, even when the subject is fiction.

Christian bloggers can create a blog swarm around the upcoming movie...

Commit to studying your Bible if you’re not doing so already, read early church history (see articles) and articles on The Da Vinci Code written by other Christians, and start publicly defending what you believe."

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