Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Audio Soul Food

Audio Soul Food

If your like me and find that life is getting really, really, busy and its getting harder to find time to read, then why not feed your mind and soul with some excellent online Audio resources; here are some I recommend;

  1. - Listen to the great exegete and expositor of the bible, John Piper preach through Romans in his church or to his daily message on his radio show. ***

  2. - Listen to the great theologian and philosopher Dr. R C Sproul on his daily radio program.

  3. – Listen to the great evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias on his radio shows, let my people think and just thinking. ***

  4. – Listen in on conversations between Dr. Michael Horton and his friends as they tackle contemporary theological and doctrinal issues on a weekly radio show. **

  5. – Listen to Rev Todd Wilken interview different experts to discuss issues on their daily radio show pertaining to life in the world and in the church from a distinctively reformed perspective. ***

  6. – Listen in to John Snyder and staff pick up heavy but interesting topics (like the problem of evil and who was Adam) on their weekly radio show. **

  7. – Stand to Reason’s host Greg Koukl demonstrates the skills and tactics he teaches to be winsome ambassadors on his weekly radio show complete with Q&A (registration required). **

  8. – Listening for Science buffs, who want to hear creation updates, a daily radio show designed to demonstrate the compatibility of the Bible with science. ***
  9. 9Marks - Listen to Mark Dever conduct great interviews of Christian leaders in USA on a weekly show.**
  10. Veritas Forum - The best of Christian minds at forums held all around the world. Recordings are then made available to download, here. ***

    ** Available in MP3 download
    *** Available on Podcast


David Veerasingam said...

Yup, you can subscribe to podcasts using iTunes and it will automatically download the latest episode every day.

I use it to listen to RZIM's Just thinking. It's a great show.

The Hedonese said...

Some Mongolian brothers came to share about the advance of Christ's kingdom in their country and it illustrates something happening in the area of missions...

The locals can do evangelism better than we cud ever hope to do... but they need resources and leadership development. I think this is an area we can help, being so well equipped with training etc... We should try our best to equip our brothers there too

jacksons said...

How, hedonese? How can we help them?

The Hedonese said...

:) The first year could be seen as equipping our own selves in some skills or topics...

One way i know how is just buying them resources for library etc... Vul Thang, a friend's Dad is a principal of a seminary in Myanmar...

We cud keep our eyes and ears open to a local partner who share similar vision. Perhaps Mandy could help us in that, hunting around the Net for potential opportunities to network :)