Thursday, March 24, 2005

Politics, Why Bother?

Description: Why and how should Christians be involved in 'politics'? Isn't it dirty?
The church mission is not only evangelism, but social reconciliation.

In an age of mounting violence, it is imperative that a healthy process/institution exists in civil society whereby dialogue and social change can be effected in peaceful manner.

Date: 1 May 2005 (Sunday)
Time: 2 pm
Venue: CDPC (Map is found in
Presenter: John Chung


Anonymous said...

I call this as REAL politics as Christians must be well organised in political activities based on the Biblical teachings.


ashv said...

Politics is a noble concept, it's not taboo or dirty. In fact, Christians should be free to discuss about it and not get hyper sensitive about it or get offended easily. The Bible says that we are the light and salt of the earth. If Joseph, Moses and Daniel had to deal with the authorities or were in position of authority (in one way you might say they were involved in politics). Why not Christians in modern times? Are we saying that it wasn't dirty during Bible times ?

Anonymous said...

go there to read four articles and more in


Shalom said...

Politics is part and parcel of our everyday life, whether we are Christian or not. However to involve and make a real impact in politics and at the same time living the Biblical and Christian life is not easy for any Christian politicians. There are more 'politicians who are Christians' than 'Christian politicians' in our midst!