Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lord Of The Rings

Topic of the Month:
Lord of The Rings (Through Christian Eyes)

Description: An informal chat/conversation about the Lord of the Rings trilogy (book and movie). What does JRR Tolkien's MiddleEarth tell us about

- Where are we from?
- Why are we here?
- What is the problem?
- What is the solution?
- Where are we going?

Venue: City Discipleship Presbyterian Church (
Time: 2 pm
Date: 27 Feb 2005 (Sunday)

For more details, contact Dave at


Ambassador M said...

and the presenter is non other than our very own undisputed champion weighing 350 pounds Dave Chang.

Anonymous said...

i have no formal training.. and weigh only 70 kg Ooops!

Anonymous said...

Just realised that I missed out on the last Agora meet. Well, do keep
me updated on the next meet :) Thanks. BTW, u going for the Kairos lectures?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, it has been a fruitful discussion on LOTR. Perhaps, I shall never see this movie(s) in the same, finite, narrow light again... thanks to the 'agorians'? Philosophy on C.S Lewis next time?:)